Letter Writing Campaign

We currently have two letter writing campaigns going on.

The first is a packet that we have created with more information about palm oil and why the Girl Scouts should remove palm oil from their cookies. We are invite everyone to write a letter to Girl Scout Headquarters saying that you don’t support the fact that their cookies contain palm oil or that you will not buy their cookies until the palm oil has been removed.

The second letter writing campaign is more specific. We ask you to write a letter to Mr. Barry Horowitz from the National Girl Scouts and tell him that you support our cause and requesting he gives us an opportunity to meet with him and present our ideas. You can find a letter here to print out and sign or you may write your own. Letters can be sent to:

Barry Horowitz
Girl Scouts of America
420 5th Street
New York, New York 10018

We thank you very much for your participation!


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  • 2. Diane Dulken  |  February 20, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    I just canceled my Girl Scout cookie order – I would love to support the Scouts in the future but not at the expense of the rain forests and orangutans that are so crucial to life on earth.

    I hope you applaud these two girls who are standing up for the Girl Scout spirit by caring about others, researching an issue carefully and proposing a solution that can be beneficial all the way around: Girl Scout cookies don’t need palm oil, the cookies can be made with healthier better ingredients and the girls and Girl Scouts are doing a huge service to rain forests and orangutans by making the change.

    Thanks, Diane


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