Letter to Mr. Horowitz


Barry Horowitz
Girl Scouts of America
420 Fifth Avenue
New  York, NY 10018


Dear Mr. Horowitz,

I am writing to you because I support Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen’s efforts to remove palm oil from Girl Scout Cookies. Palm oil is harming not only the animals living within the rainforest but also the people working on the oil palm plantations, the environment and the health of the consumers who consume palm oil.

 The rainforest is destroyed when palm oil plantations are created and the animals that live within the rainforest lose their habitat and their food sources.  In addition, palm oil plantations have been linked to child slavery and poor working conditions. As stated in the Jakarta Post, “About 72,000 children of Indonesian migrant workers at the…(palm oil) plantations were forced to work…all day long…The children were not provided with birth certificates or any other type of identity documents, effectively denying their right to formal education, among other rights…It is done deliberately so they’ll remain illegal and continue to serve as migrant workers, just like their parents. We call this ‘bonded labor’… and it is a modern kind of slavery”. Palm oil plantations also release mass amounts of carbon dioxide into the air when the forest is cleared for the plantations. And finally, palm oil raises consumers’ cholesterol level and promotes heart disease.

 These two Girl Scouts have researched this topic and would like to have an opportunity to discuss this topic with you and show you how removing palm oil from Girl Scout cookies can be a win-win situation, for you and the environment. I encourage you to contact them at saveorangutans137@hotmail.com and give them the opportunity to show you how the Girl Scouts, a great organization can become a leader both in giving youth a voice and becoming an environmentally friendly organization.



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